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Welcome to the Volume 13 edition of the McCartney Newsletter.

The number 13 is significant. Not only is this newsletter the 13th volume, but it was also Ruth's and my 13th Wedding Anniversary! So, I kept seeing this number everywhere! I know most of us believe it's a bad luck omen, but actually it has its spiritual qualities as well. Read more about the number 13 here...
But enough of the superstition, here's what happened in our world....

Here are the most recent McCartney events (in no particular order.)

The Clinton Foundation - "A Decade of Difference"
Hollywood Bowl, CA.

Celebrating A Decade Of Difference

Recently, developed the world’s first dual-platform, QR giving software for The Clinton Foundation. Launched at the Hollywood Bowl Concert, people could scan the ConnectCode with their smart phones and be taken to a secure mobile donation-landing page. Here, they were given a choice between using the secure Clinton Foundation web site OR PayPal. This is a new way to promote “in-concert” commerce, as well as non-profit event donations. The analytics are tracked using Google Analytics and reported weekly via email to the campaign team. This is MUCH more flexible than text donations which lock in a dollar figure and don't allow for variable $$ amounts. If you are involved with a non-profit who would like to know more about this new technology, please send us an email.

Official Press Release

Juanes, Kenny Chesney, and K’naan Join Previously Announced Artists Lady Gaga, The Edge & Bono, and Usher at 10pm EST/7 PST on October 15th

NEW YORK, NY – October 5, 2011 – The William J. Clinton Foundation and Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced Juanes, Kenny Chesney and K’naan join previously announced artists Lady Gaga, The Edge & Bono, and Usher for special performances at “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation” recognizing the work and impact of President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

“I am deeply grateful that the artists associated with the concert are giving their time and talent to raise awareness of the work of the Clinton Foundation,” said President Clinton. “In the past decade, commitments to my Clinton Global Initiative have improved the lives of more than 300 million people around the world. We’ve lowered the cost of AIDS and HIV treatment, combated climate change, strengthened economies, increased access to education and healthcare, provided financing and mentoring for small businesses. This celebration marks ten years of these efforts and demonstrates of how much we can do to make a difference in the years ahead.”

Read the entire Press Release here...

To find our more about Mobile Campaigns for your business, download our Powerpoint here.

JP Selects - Mrs. McCartney's Teas is in good company!

Imagine... you are 82 years young and on the same cover with John Paul and Eloise DeJoria, Barbara Walters and the Kardashians! We're thinking of changing her name to DeeJay AMac she's rolling out big Hollywood style!

Continuing their sustainable products availability, JP Selects decided to re launch my organic teas in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), and I was delighted that the daily press release put me in such company as John Paul himself, his lovely wife Eloise, the legendary Barbara Walters (now my 4th cousin 9 times removed - or something like that - thru marriage), who was filming her 20/20 Special on JP, and the newly joined Kardashians with their skin care line. One for my scrap book, that's for sure."

Visit and place your Holiday Tea Order today!

McCartney receives Trademark for Computer Services

It's taken a while, but due to the relentless efforts of the brilliant David Hong, Esq. (our trademark attorney) we can now proudly say that McCartney is a registered Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the Class for computer services!

Email David with your Trademark and Patent needs.
Click here to view the PDF.

McCartney Web sites

Continuing with the "Lawyers We Love" theme this month, we've recently developed, designed and produced the brand new web site for Law Firm Kelly, Stacy, Rita LLC in Denver, CO.
The design included different background graphics to give the site a professional and constantly fresh and appealing look. The unique photography is by up and coming young photographer Kate Kelly from the Tech Center in Denver shot on location with her Leica.

From the web site:

Kelly, Stacy & Rita LLC is an employment law and commercial litigation boutique. We represent businesses and management on a national, regional and local basis. Founding partners Bill Kelly, Dave Stacy and Liz Rita have been partners in large law firms. We have tried cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We bring that training and experience to a small, responsive and efficient environment. We focus exclusively on employment and commercial litigation for businesses. Our lawyers have been recognized by their peers as leaders in Best Lawyers in America, America’s Leading Lawyers for Business (Chambers USA) and Colorado Super Lawyers, and also hold the highest AV Martindale Hubbell® Peer Review Rating.

McCartney Studios

Daiichi Sankyo

McCartney Studios, on behalf of Electric Avenue Film in Munich, produced an internal marketing campaign video for Pharma giant Daiichi Sankyo for a new A-Fib drug: Edoxaban. 

Edoxaban is a once daily oral factor Xa inhibitor designed to prevent thromboembolic events in more patients without compromise.

We can't show you the video due to non-disclosure compliance, however we can tell you that it took 2 weeks to gather film clips, music and graphics and animation elements to produce the final 8 minute video, which was shown at the firm's Istanbul conference.

A big thank you goes out to Executive Producer Dieter Bockmeier of Electric Avenue Film in Munich, Germany for spearheading this project.

New Design and Animation Reel from McCartney Studios

We recently added an "Animation and Special Effects" Reel to the McCartney Studios Channel.

It features the tremendous talents of Graduates at the OTIS College of Art and Design and McCartney team members.

If you are looking for a little more "panache" and excitement in your corporate video communications, or want to energize a feature or movie trailer, then you should check out this link.

And speaking of design, we invite you to come visit freshly revamped web site design section of our web site.
Take a browse and we always appreciate your feedback!

Easton Hockey Mobile Campaign

The Easton Mobile Campaign for Stealth RS is now live!

Scan the ConnectCode above to see campaign mobi site. recently completed a new mobile site for Easton Hockey on their new line of hockey sticks called the Stealth RS. The packaging of the product contains a ConnectCode on the box, which when scanned will take the customer to a mobile web app where they can learn more about the product and various models.  In addition to product information, Easton Hockey brings to the user rich media content via YouTube about pro hockey athletes who use the Stealth RS. You can also connect with other hockey fans on Facebook through the mobile app to share your experiences with the Stealth RS, as well as sign up for information from Easton Hockey for other product news and releases.

To find our more about Mobile Campaigns for your business, download our Powerpoint here.

UPC Wheels For Humanity

We are currently in production building a new Wordpress CMS (content management system) for the client with some newly designed web pages.  Primarily a new homepage design and a new donations page design and a new media page design. Please visit their current site and sign up for notification of the new launch.

Angels Across America


Please visit Angels Across America –

and play the AMERICA video that was specially produced in honor of
our Troops. For every 1000 plays, $100 will be donated to the charities
listed on the site:

Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House, Armed Forces
Foundation, and Rolling Thunder Inc. By simply playing the video you can
support these charities and the amazing work they do for our men and
women in uniform, and their families. Forwarding the video link to family
and friends can help even more!

Angels Across America thanks McCartney Multimedia for helping to make this possible.

And just to make a point here... This was taken during a recent Aurora Borealis across the Mid and South of America. Read more about this phenomenon here...

Aurora borealis gives rare southern show
Jim Lynch/ The Detroit News

Stargazers south of Michigan don't normally get the opportunity to see the northern lights — hence the name. But Monday evening's display in the sky was reportedly seen as far south as Arkansas. And even for longtime watchers here, the show was something special.
Shawn Malone and her husband, Brian, have been photographing the lights in the skies over their Marquette home for a decade. What she saw Monday went beyond the norm.
"Around dusk, I went out and I could see light where there isn't supposed to be light," she said. "That's just not normal and it indicated that it could be a strong display. I grabbed my camera and shot for about 20 minutes. At that point I thought it would be kind of a Plain Jane (night) and I was going back to my car to change lenses …
"When I was looking down, the sky must have lit up, because when I turned around, the sky was on fire."

Read more....from The Detroit News.

Tech Tip Of The Month

Christian's Corner
by Christian Volquartz

This month on Christian's Corner I am writing up a small review of a product that I have at the office which I just love so much that I had to share it with you.

Recently I got a printer for my desk since the main office printer requires me getting up to retrieve the printouts.  The old office printer also drinks ink by the gallon even just to turn it on, and then takes longer than my car to warm up on a cold morning.  And heaven forbid you actually want to try and print anything longer than half a page.

Enter the web-connected printer!  Imagine...  A printer that is wireless and automatically connects to your computer AND the web!  Now why in the world would you ever need a printer to be connected to the web you ask???  I don't know about you but I check email and instant messaging from 3 separate devices: my iPhone, my laptop, and my work desktop.  All these devices tend to be at different locations all the time but they are all connected to my web connected printer at the office.

I can print out any document, any document type (picture or word doc), from any device, from anywhere!  I just email the document to be printed out to my web-connected printer and it automatically prints out.  The printer itself actually has a unique email address and anything emailed to that email address gets automatically printed out.  As long as the printer is turned on of course.

So there you have it folks. A printer that actually makes life just a wee bit easier in this ever-dizzying age of technology.

I have the HP Photosmart.  For a slick online presentation about HP web connected printers click the graphic above.


NetWork News

Corbin Bleu Goes Back To Broadway on 'Dancing With The Stars'

Corbin Bleu hits up 42nd Street with a Broadway medley during his performance on Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday night (October 25).
The 22-year-old actor and Broadway vet re-teamed with Kenny Ortega to bring a bit of the Great White Way to Los Angeles.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Corbin Bleu

Corbin sang and danced his way around the ballroom floor and even got back into the character of Usnavi, rapping “In The Heights.”
Check out his incredibly energized performance below! 10+ pics inside…

Read more here...

She Loves Him Yeah Yeah Yeah!

And of course he loves her too!

The Bride looked stunning in a simple, classic white dress designed by her new step-daughter Stella, the official portrait was taken by Mary with Brother Mike reprising history and snapping away on the steps of Marylebone Register Office. Little Beatrice served as flower girl and all in all it was what weddings should be - a joyous family affair. The rain held off and a good time was had by all.

Mazeltov and L'Chaim to the happy couple!

Did you know that we had a Near Earth Event from asteroid 2005 YU55?

PASADENA, Calif. -- Scientists working with the 230-foot-wide (70-meter) Deep Space Network antenna at Goldstone, Calif., have generated a short movie clip of asteroid 2005 YU55. The images were generated from data collected at Goldstone on Nov. 7, 2011, between 11:24 a.m. and 1:35 p.m. PST (2:24 p.m. and 4:35 p.m. EST). They are the highest-resolution images ever generated by radar of a near-Earth object.

The short movie clip can be found at:

Each of the six frames required 20 minutes of data collection by the Goldstone radar. At the time, 2005 YU55 was approximately 860,000 miles (1.38 million kilometers) away from Earth. Resolution is 4 meters per pixel.


Recipe of The Month

Ruth’s "7 Vegetable Winter Soup"

• 1 large chopped onion (or 4 shallots)
• 4 tablespoons margarine
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 2 tsp raw sugar
• 2 cups peeled and cubed butternut squash
• 2 cups peeled and cubed carrots
• 3 sticks cubed celery
• 1 cup peeled and cubed yam or sweet potato
• 2 tsp garlic paste
• 4 oz frozen corn kernels
• 4-5 cups water
• 4 cubes chicken (or veggie/vegan) bouillon
• 1/2 teaspoon dried marjoram
• 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
• 1/4 teaspoon sage
• 1/4 teaspoon thyme
• 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
• Sea salt/kosher salt to taste

In a heavy bottomed pan/Dutch Oven, slowly heat the fats over medium, add the herbs to infuse the oil, then add the onions/ shallots and garlic. Turn to a low/medium heat and "sweat" the onions until translucent.
Add the more dense vegetables first i.e., squash and sweet potato, saute together with the onions and herbs, then add the carrot and celery. Add 1/2 cup of the chicken or veggie bouillon broth and cover to simmer slowly for 5 minutes.
Once the veggies are softened, add the rest of the liquid, cover and simmer (just shy of boiling) until the sweet potatoes and squash are fork tender. About 12-15 minutes
Add the frozen corn and once thawed thru, switch off the flame.
Add salt to taste.
Transfer 75% of the soup to a blender in batches being careful to cover the top of the blender with a heat proof/steam proof cloth.
Then blend the blended soup and the solid veggies back in the original pot and serve with a dash of sour cream and some garlic toast.
Wear your favorite sweater, pajama bottoms and put on some good old Andy Williams music.... and most of all, enjoy!

Angie's One Liners

If you plan on going cross-country skiing, pick a very small country.

I know I got a lot of exercise over the last few years, just getting over the hill.

We get heavier as we get older, because there's a lot of information in our heads.

Every time I start thinking too much about how bad I look, I just find a pub with a Happy Hour, and by the time I leave I look just fine.

iFanz Featured Artist

Michael Mandella

American Outlaw

From his foot stomping, hard rocking beats to his soul-baring ballads, the songs on Michael Mandella’s new CD, American Outlaw, tell of the human experience in a way that conveys honest emotion as well as unwavering hope for a better tomorrow.  According to Michael, “If I can’t make people’s lives happier with my music, then there’s just no reason to write, play, or sing.  I want to lift people up from their own lives, give them something to smile about, and a reason to keep on going no matter what their circumstances are today.”

And life experiences he has certainly had. Growing up in Porterville, California, in the hills of the San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield (home of country greats like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Dwight Yoakum), Michael lived and breathed country music.  Growing up with a single mom (Maryann), Michael never really knew his biological dad. He and his mother suffered at the hands of a violent stepfather. In the midst of the violence and crime plagued negative influences of surrounding family and friends, he was fortunate to be able to rely on the loving guidance of his grandparents, Victor and Frances Mandella, who provided a constant family presence in his life. They fostered a caring and close-knit foundation of love that Michael continues to look to for security and strength.   “My deepest hope is one day to provide the means for my grandparents to move out of the trailer on the dirt road and into a nicer and more suitable home.  They have given me everything.   I owe them and my mother more than I can ever repay.”

You are listening to Michael's new single: "Simple Things" Get it on iTunes now!