Hello there,

Welcome to the Volume 18 edition of the McCartney Newsletter.

We hope you're having a great summer.... it's even been hot here at the beach for a change!
Well, a lot has happened since our last communication, so we'll get right down to it.

London Summer Olympics 2012
The 2012 30th Olympiad shone a bright light on London, and we think it was a fantastic event. Very well organized and the opening and closing ceremonies were outstanding. Paul gave a great performance in front of an energized audience. Not bad for a man with his pension book and his free bus pass! Needless to say that her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II displayed a sense of humour by jumping out of a helicopter directly into the stadium below. Riiiiight!

BTW, can you guess what this picture is? These are the Olympic Rings (buttons) on the sleeve of Paul's jacket, designed by Stella that he wore during his performance at the opening ceremony. A nice little nod to the ceremony by our very talented designer.

All in all, it was a wonderful event and once again, Ruth and Angie are truly proud of being BRITISH!

We didn't go to London for the games, but one of our dearest friends did. Here are some picturesque impressions from the Kelly family's trip.

Click thumbnail to view larger image
Click thumbnail to view larger image
Click thumbnail to view larger image

Photography by Kate Kelly

Amazing photography by Kate Kelly. These pictures were taken on Kate's Leica. Kate is resident in the Denver, CO area for those of you who need a versatile photographer in the Colorado region, please let us know and we'll put you in touch.

We're always looking for new visual talent to represent, so don't hesitate to send us some of your best shots for consideration.

McCartney Products

Over the last several months we've been busy developing and customizing our products and services portfolio, while at the same time condensing the message. Less is the new more. We're always asked: "So, what is it that you do?"

Well, we took the question to heart, and decided to let you know in bite size format what we - as a Digital Agency - have to offer. What's challenging is explaining how our process works. From Branding to Software Development, from Entertainment Services to Mobile Apps, we cover a wide territory of services. So, if you haven't received our recent "one-sheet" emails, then here's a good place to start.

McCartney Branding
McCartney Copy Writing Services
McCartney Social Media

In future editions of our newsletter we'll feature a variety of "One-Sheets" that will hopefully cut to the chase. Feel free to download them, read and contact us if you want to know more.

The Comedy Central® Roast of Roseanne

Filmed at the Hollywood Palladium August 4th and aired first on the 12th, this was a night full of ribbing, sharp-witted comedy, satire and frankly, genius writing. Tom Arnold, the much maligned ex husband was a surprise guest and even called Roseanne "his Johnny Carson". Now if those 2 can finally get along - why can't we have peace in the Middle East already?

Jane Lynch was an energetic and to the point Roastmaster, the show featured Ellen Barkin, Wayne Brady, Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried who delivered a brilliant piece painting Roseanne as "Rozilla", Seth Green, Amy Shumer, Carrie Fisher, Katie Sagal and Anthony Jezelnick.

In case you missed it, you can watch Tom Arnold's roast right here.

The show was amazing. The food by Wolfgang Puck was outstanding, the wine was private labeled with R's logo, and they even painted the WALLS of the venue with the distinctive "R". The production organization of the event and the after party at Boulevard3 on Sunset Bl. was outstanding. Fantastic catering, hundreds of people dancing and having fun. Congrats, Roseanne for a great evening. We had way too much fun laughing "with" (not AT) our friend.

Martin is officially a Martian now

The MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) onboard the Mars Rover Curiosity landed on the red planet, on August 6, 2012 at 05:17:57.3 UTC.
(Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time. It is one of several closely related successors to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For most common purposes, UTC is synonymous with GMT, but GMT is no longer precisely defined by the scientific community.)

So many steps had to go right in this endeavour that it was an amazing day, not only for JPL scientists, but also for the entire human race. We were watching the landing live on NASA TV, and when the spacecraft entered the Martian atmosphere and touched down perfectly on the surface of Mars, we couldn't help but shed a tear or two. So, why is Martin an official Martian now, you ask? Because his name is embedded on a microchip onboard the science lab. Should Aliens ever decide to dissect the Mars Rover, Martin's name is among 18,000 names that took part in the program.

Goals and objectives of the MSL mission:

The MSL mission has four scientific goals: Determine the landing site's habitability including the role of water, the study of the climate and the geology of Mars. It is also useful preparation for a future manned mission to Mars.
To contribute to these goals, MSL has six main scientific objectives:
1. Determine the mineralogical composition of the Martian surface and near-surface geological materials.
2. Attempt to detect chemical building blocks of life (biosignatures).
3. Interpret the processes that have formed and modified rocks and soils.
4. Assess long-timescale (i.e., 4-billion-year) Martian atmospheric evolution processes.
5. Determine present state, distribution, and cycling of water and carbon dioxide.
6. Characterize the broad spectrum of surface radiation, including galactic radiation, cosmic radiation, solar proton events and secondary neutrons.
As part of its exploration, it also measured the radiation exposure in the interior of the spacecraft as it traveled to Mars, and it is continuing radiation measurements as it explores the surface of Mars. This data would be important for a future manned mission.

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Restaurant of the Month

...is our new favorite hang out on Manchester and Falmouth in 90293. During the Soccer EURO 2012 Tournament, when Italy played Germany, we were there enjoying traditional Italian dishes, from Pizza to Pasta, Nando and his team keep it authentic and real. (Photo: Nando and Martin during the EURO cup)
If you're ever in the area, you should definitely make a stop and check it out.

From their website:

"Founded in 2008, The Good Pizza began its operation from a quaint corner in Westchester, a suburb west of Los Angeles, California. Our superb Neapolitan-style pizza took the neighborhood by storm when we opened our doors to a mass of hungry pizza lovers, excited and eager to try out the best pizza they ever had. The Italian pizza concept at The Good Pizza is just simply the best with our flavorful and palatable pizza combinations made daily in a real brick-burning oven with fresh ingredients hand-picked daily by one of the owners. With the explosive taste, tremendous freshness, and top quality, The Good Pizza delivers the real deal of gourmet pizza because we truly got our pizza mojo down and we say no to cheap and tasteless imitations."

McCartney Studios

Lee Montgomery

Martin recently recorded, engineered and mixed a 3 song EP for acting star and friend Lee Montgomery. The songs are a truly unique view of life, love and happiness and are coming straight from the heart.

Coming soon to the iTunes Music Store. In the meantime you can visit Lee Montgomery's brand new Facebook page and make friends to find out more about the project.

More about Lee on IMDB

Brother of actress Belinda Montgomery, Lee began his career as a model before venturing into the acting business. He made his debut in the Disney film The Million Dollar Duck, before landing a starring role in Ben, the sequel to Willard. Lee made a successful transformation into adult roles with films such as Night Shadows, Girls Just Wanna have fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and more.

McCartney Artist Development

Lana Giacose

Up and coming actor Lana Giacose is a new McCartney client, for whom we are developing branding and imaging. We recently directed a photo session with Lana with renowned photographer Sara Corwin in Hollywood. She took over 1500 shots to capture Lana in various roles.

From dramatic to fun and comedic, Lana expressed her talents in various scenarios.

Earlier this year Lana completed shooting "A Single Shot" with Sam Rockwell and William H. Macy, due to be released in 2013 and last week, Lana has just wrapped a shoot in NYC with Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson and American Idol Jordin Sparks in the upcoming "The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete".

She is close to finalizing the mix on her first single "The Fighter", and in our estimation, Lana is certainly "one to watch".

McCartney Studios Tip

How to mix and enhance a Voice-Over track.

Since we've developed and produced so many projects, we thought it was time to share some of our knowledge base with you. This month we're featuring how to enhance the audio of a voice- over project.
How do you make a voice-over stand out above the music track? Producers use various techniques. We try to keep it simple.
If you have a Mac computer, then you most certainly have GarageBand that ships with it.
In this video tutorial, Martin will show you how it's done.

NetWork News

Callan McAuliffe has been busy.

The launch of Baz Lurhman's The Great Gatsby, featuring Aussie friend and client Callan McAuliffe has been set for Summer 2013. Exact date to be determined. Callan plays the young Leo DiCaprio's role in this movie which is sure to be a Box Office Monster.

His next release, “Underground” the made for TV movie about Wiki Leaks’ Julian Assange, tells the story of his formative years as a teenage computer hacker, will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8th, 2012.

Currently, Callan has been cast as the star of a new Hollywood indie film Blue Potato, playing opposite Sara Sutherland, actor Kiefer Sutherland’s daughter.

The film, which will be directed by indie director Aron Gaudet, explores the story of two teenage boys working on a potato farm. Sutherland will play McAuliffe’s love interest in the film. Shooting has begun in Maine.

Ms. Phyllis Diller

The sad passing of Ms. Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller (July 17, 1917 – August 20, 2012) was an American actress and comedienne. She was 95. And she died with a smile on her face!

As the FIRST female stand-up, she not only broke down barriers but she created a stage persona of a wild-haired, eccentrically dressed housewife who made self-deprecating jokes about her age and appearance, her terrible cooking, and a husband named "Fang", while pretending to smoke from a long cigarette holder. Diller's signature was her unusual laugh.

This fantastic film by Gregg Barson follows Ms. Diller behind the scenes and to her farewell performance in Las Vegas (where else!).

The night Ruth met Ms. Diller at Roseanne's birthday party, she was taken aback at seeing such a legend sitting sipping quietly in the corner. When she approached Ruth said to her, "Gosh, Ms. Diller, what an absolute honour". To which the feisty Lady replied, with outstretched arm and empty glass "cut the crap kid and get me a freakin' Martini!". Yes Ma'am. Ruth immediately fetched the libation of choice and on returning was greeted with an invitation that many people cannot claim... the legend said "OK. You've brought me a drink. And a stiff one. Now you can call me Phyllis!". Yes Ms. Diller. We will. God speed and keep laughing.

Read more about it on RoseanneWorld.com.

Jonas and The Massive Attraction Announce Euro Tour

Click the graphic for more details. Look out Munich folks - he's headed your way!

Recipe of The Month (This is last months)

How to make Tzatziki

This yoghurt, cucumber, lemon dip is perfect for summer backyard BBQ's.

Here's a new approach on trying to show you how it's done. Since our recipe section of our newsletter is very popular, we've decided that rather than just posting the recipe, Ruth will actually show you how it's done. Tzatziki is a great refresher during the hot summer months and a very healthy snack for busy people on the go.

Simply click the graphic and Ruth is going to show you her special recipe.

Angie's One Liners

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

If the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off.

Contents may have settled out of court.

You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.

I'm one bad relationship away from having 30 cats.

Featured Artist - Denise Donatelli

Denise Donatelli

Denise Donatelli, the Grammy® nominated and critically acclaimed award winning Savant recording artist, has become one of today’s premiere jazz vocalists. Her 2010 release When Lights are Low — which received two nominations, one for Best Jazz Vocal Album and one for pianist/producer/arranger Geoffrey Keezer's arrangement of "Don't Explain" — confirms Denise's status in the upper echelons of talented and engaging jazz artists in the country.
Denise's three recordings, In the Company of Friends (Jazzed Media 2005), What Lies Within (Savant Records 2008), and When Lights are Low (Savant Records 2010) have consistently topped the National Jazz Week radio charts. Her fourth recording, Soul Shadows is scheduled for release by Savant Records on September 11, 2012. We're happy to say that we are currently working on Denise Donatelli's new website and social media campaigns, which will coincide with the release of her new album, Soul Shadows in September.

Geist Star Child