Welcome to the Volume 19 edition of the McCartney Newsletter.

Happy Holidays!
We hope all of you had a great Halloween, survived the U.S. Presidential election and had a scrumptious Thanksgiving. As we're in the midst of the busy holiday season, we thought it would give you an excuse to take a 10-minute vacation and read what's been going on at McCartney. This edition is jam packed, so, grab an eggnog, relax and enjoy!
Here's what happened...

Rocktoberfest 2012
It's almost an annual tradition at the McCartney residence to celebrate the original Bavarian Oktoberfest in style.
Ruth made the seasonal goodies of sauerkraut with ham hock, red cabbage with apple and salted pretzels to go with our brats and honey-baked hams.

This year we combined the festivities with a listening party and a performance by DeCada Green. The upcoming HipPop act from Detroit visited Los Angeles for a week and worked with Martin and their Exec. Producer / Manager / Mentor Lawrence Kutun in the studio crafting their new EP.
DG performed their new songs twice that evening to a close-knit circle of business people as well as friends and family. Needless to say, it was a great success and we're sure you'll be hearing LOTS from these talented kids very soon.

A special thank you goes out to Lawrence for making the party happen!

McCartney Products


Search anything on Google and most likely you'll find a Wikipedia reference to it.
At McCartney we've specialized in the customization, policing and correcting of the entries on Wikipedia.

If you have a Wikipedia entry, we can now control it for you and monitor what other editors are posting on your dedicated page.

Here's how it works:

Anyone can edit Wikipedia.
But are you familiar with their dispute and arbitration procedures?
Would you know how to code a "citation?"
Do you have the time to deal with armies of volunteer editors who apparently know more about you than you do?
Why of course not - you’re far too busy being you.

We urge you to download our one-sheet about this new service. For any questions about it, please feel free to send us an email.

In future editions of our newsletter we'll feature a variety of one-sheets that will hopefully help you cut to the chase about all the things we're able to offer such as SmartSites which automatically know if the viewer is on a mobile phone or iPad and deliver the right type of pages, Social Media Management including strategy, frequency and what type of copy fits the tone of your brand. Feel free to click on the links above, have a read and contact us if you want to know more.

Recently Launched & In Development

Salt Creek Palmboards

Our dear friend Pat Healy launched his new endeavour... proudly MADE IN CALIFORNIA:

From their web site: "Salt Creek Palmboards has one purpose; to enhance the bodysurfing experience. Made from the highest quality materials, our palmboards are designed to fit comfortably, and enable a bodysurfer to plane onto the face of a wave resulting in a longer, more enjoyable ride.
The bodysurfing experience also includes our behavior as an ocean centric business. Our buoyant palmboards are made with recyclable materials, and each board comes with two hand-straps (small and large) and a wrist leash molded from industry proven, ultraviolet and saltwater stable materials. Our packaging is manufactured from recycled cardboard and printed with soy-based inks, because the last thing you want to see in the ocean is another plastic bag.
Salt Creek Palmboards is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, which exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Salt Creek Palmboards is happy to donate 1% of our annual revenue back to the planet, specifically our oceans."

McCartney not only built the website but also developed branding and logo design from an original hand-written script by the client.
Please visit the website:


Fred Willard

With a new website on the way, Fred is staying busier than EVER.

He is appearing in a Really Really Good-Time Holly Jolly Christmas Carol on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between now and December 16th at Upland's charming Grove Theatre.
Check their site for tickets ($15/$25) and times.

Check out the new CD featuring Fred called
"It's OK to Do Stuff" on iTunes.

Geist Star Child

SANTA-THON 2012, hosted by Fred Willard, featuring Special Celebrity Guests is coming to Hollywood, December 12 & 13!

Santa desperately needs money to pay off the Chinese for the toys they manufactured for him. No money, no toys, and Santa won’t be able to deliver them to all the good little girls and boys.
Luckily, Fred Willard comes to the rescue by holding a celebrity-studded telethon to raise enough money for Santa so there'll be a Christmas this year.

Check the site for tickets ($15/$17) and times.

Reverend Jesse Jackson's 71st birthday bash

An up-close and personal evening with The Reverend Jesse Jackson.

We attended The Rev. Jesse Jackson's 71st Birthday celebration at WP24, The Ritz Carlton, downtown L.A. on 21st Oct. His birthday was actually on 8th of the month, but this date worked with his intensely busy schedule.

He honoured Angie on stage as a “Freedom Fighter” saying how proud he is that Sir Paul and the other Beatles were the first people to bring people of all ethnicities together through their humanity, their music, and their ability to communicate with untold millions of people without bowing to pressure.

The news even made its way home to Liverpool where local radio legend Pete Price write about it in his Liverpool Echo newspaper column.

Art & The Beatles

Art & The Beatles
by Ruth McCartney

"It's been a long-time goal of mine to create a project (which I have now finally registered with the Writer's Guild), that examines everything EXCEPT The Beatles' music. The fashions, the influence on pop-culture, the haircuts, the cars, the India experience, the artists with whom they surrounded themselves and the visual artists they became in their own right.

I am currently deep into the creation of a documentary script - for example, how do you get from the Sgt. Pepper album cover to the concept of the White Album? Where are all the composite artists who worked on Yellow Submarine and what was their experience?

In the meantime, with the great support of Diana Maiman and Sharon Gart, I was able to present the Elementary School version of the program to three separate classes of students at Santa Monica's Carlthorp School on their annual Art Smart Day.

We listened to some songs together and even saw one of John Lennon’s son Julian’s drawings, which he made when he was about their age! That drawing went on to inspire one of The Beatles’ greatest hits - “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.
ArtSmart then made it the kids' turn to create their very own idea of an album cover inspired by one of the songs they heard during class."

To book Ruth to speak at your event, fundraiser, school or college, download her speaker portfolio here or drop us a line.

History in the Making

The Space Shuttle Endeavour's last voyage.

The space shuttle Endeavour took its last ride on
16th October from the United Airlines Hangar at LAX to
the California Science Museum in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was only a 12-mile trip, but it was a mammoth 36-hour production, with all of the locals turning out at 6 a.m. to wave it on its way.

Ruth got up early and took this beautiful picture of the next generation of space enthusiasts.

Restaurant of the Month

Sweet Fish Sushi in Playa Vista, CA
by Martin

It's been a while since I had great sushi. We live in L.A. and believe it or not even here it's hard to find a great sushi place. Much to my delight I recently tried Sweet Fish Sushi in Playa Vista, and I have to say the food and the experience was excellent! If you are ever in our area, check them out!

From their web site: "Since 2010, Sweet Fish Sushi Bar and Restaurant has been serving up innovative Japanese sushi for lunch and dinner in Playa Vista, California. With hundreds of choices for sushi restaurants, Los Angeles is second only to Tokyo for ingenuity and diversity in Japanese cuisine, and Sweet Fish continually breaks with the convention of traditional sushi restaurants. Both proprietor and chef diligently innovate to ensure the menu is always able to offer patrons a new take on old favorites. Tucked into the serene Pacific Promenade in the new Playa Vista development, Sweet Fish shares nothing with sushi bars along Lincoln Boulevard or crammed in the corner of a Marina Del Rey strip mall. With a primary focus on service and comfort, Sweet Fish is a welcome change from the average sushi restaurant and showcases a sophisticated mastery of Japanese fare from both the kitchen and the sushi bar. Centrally located a short drive from Playa Del Rey and Marina Del Rey, sushi and Japanese cuisine served in a comfortable and stylish setting are always close at hand."

Visit the website here...

McCartney Studios

ROK Comics released the first issue of a series of Beatles Comics on Apple iTunes, including voice-overs by Angie, produced by Martin. Free downloads for all. Urge people to go and get them and write a review.

The first issue of an eight-issue audio comic series, collecting, for the first time in its entirety, the classic and highly-acclaimed Beatles bio-strip THE BEATLES STORY - originally created by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson for the British weekly comic, Look-In.
Working with artist Arthur Ranson and the estate of writer Angus Allan, THE BEATLES STORY is complemented by a new audio sound track that helps bring this unique comic biography to life.
This special digital edition features Beatles tracks recreated by top tribute band The Fab Beatles and additional audio material from Angie McCartney, Paul McCartney's step mother, offering insider memories of The Beatles.
Beautifully realized, THE BEATLES STORY charts the history of the band from their struggle for success in the early 1960s through their entire career until the band's split in 1970.
DJ Mike Read has called THE BEATLES STORY "the only worthwhile strip record of the Beatles". The creator-owned comic, first published in British comic Look-In, has only ever been reprinted in an abridged form, both in the UK and in Europe.
- Full colour action comic with swipe to read navigation
- Amazing fully-authored soundtrack brings the comic strip story to life!
- The sound of the Fab Four recreated by The Fab Beatles!
- Audio anecdotes from Angie McCartney about The Beatles rise to fame!
- Rare Beatles performance from the ROK Digital archive of "She Loves You" - free!
- "We Can Work it Out" from the ROK Digital archive available as in-app purchase
- Sir Paul McCartney profile
- Looking Back: An article on the music of 1959, the year some of the boys got together to play!

Production notes from Martin:

Angie was a superstar! Never needed a 3rd take.
The audio tracks for "The Beatles Story" were recorded, edited and exported to our FTP server in California and the guys from ROK Comics in the UK did the rest.
Go to iTunes, download the free app and leave us a comment!

For Android users... click here for the FREE Google Play version.

With special video and narration by Angie McCartney.

McCartney NetWork News - (because it's all about YOU)

Dancing With The Stars :: Team Tori
(A little girl gets her wish)

There's a lovely little 7-year-old girl in St. Louis, MO and by happenstance, our impresario friend Lawrence K heard of Tori's genetic, life-threatening health challenge and also her dream. It was to go to Dancing with the Stars.
He emailed Ruth to see if there was an OUTSIDE chance that we could score tickets....coz ya'know, we live in "Hollywood"!

As the Universe works, 10 minutes earlier, Ruth had received an email from Jesse Jackson's niece Brenda Robinson, Esq asking her if she knew of anyone who could really use the Jackson family's seats at DWTS as the Reverend was on the road to try to save yet another factory in the Mid West.

Well, for Team Tori, luck is when opportunity meets happenstance.

Ricki Lake REALLY stepped up to the plate and pampered Tori and her family with limos, lunch, backstage passes and even an appearance on The Ricki Lake Show.

Let's all keep this good luck going for this young lady this holiday season and donate the price of a cup of coffee to help her family with their staggering medical bills.

Hangar-7 Sound

Composer, Producer, Arranger Andi Slavik
(pictured left with Angie)

In Salzburg, Austria, 1,200 tons of steel. 380 tons of glass. Hangar-7 is an extraordinary space with a very special sound.


"We had to break up traditional song structures and manoeuvre through all sorts of technical challenges before an authentic recording of the amazing experience could finally be captured. What an experience for anyone who listens closely! We wouldn’t have missed a second of it for the world."
Stefan Boettjer, Andreas Slavik, Stephan Maass

For musicians, its wing-shaped dome is above all an acoustic challenge. In the "Hangar-7 Sound Project", musicians and technicians with many areas of expertise take on this one of a kind structure. Hangar-7’s gigantic architectonic shell gives music a surprising reach, making it very difficult for the musicians to anticipate what effect they’re achieving with their instruments. But when they fully open themselves up to its possibilities, this supposed weakness becomes an asset: Hangar-7 swings and itself becomes a full-fledged instrument that can be played. The end result is fascinating: Soundscapes that are in harmony with the place in which they were created. Musical landscapes that make it easy to hear that the musicians were touched and beguiled by their setting. Ethereal sounds that incorporate the space in which they were created and that can be "played by" the space itself. Music that calls the laws of space and time into question.

For more on this project please visit the website.

Callan McAuliffe

CAA has signed Callan McAuliffe, who stars as the young Jay Gatsby in the Baz Luhrmann-directed The Great Gatsby out on May 10, 2013. Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the adult Gatsby in the 3D adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel.

McAuliffe starred in 2011’s sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four and in Rob Reiner’s romcom Flipped in 2010. He appears with Anthony LaPaglia and Rachel Griffiths in Robert Connolly’s Underground, which played at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.

Callan will continue to be repped by Alchemy Entertainment, RGM Artist Group in Australia and attorney Patti Felker.

Official Press Release

SYDNEY, Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- GQ Magazine created history tonight in Australia, announcing Callan McAuliffe (age 17) as their youngest ever award winner with their internationally recognized GQ MEN OF THE YEAR awards.

Callan received the "GQ Breakthrough of The Year Award 2012 " from iconic American director Rob Reiner in a 'virtual presentation' from Los Angeles. Mr. Reiner is well known for his many successful movies including: When Harry Met Sally, Stand by Me, The Bucket List, Misery, and Flipped.
Hand-picked by Reiner as his romantic lead in the award-winning Flipped (2010), Callan has gone on to enjoy a leading role in Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, and DJ Caruso's I Am Number Four (2011). Director Baz Luhrmann cast Callan to play the Young Jay to Leonardo DiCaprio's adult lead role in The Great Gatsby - filmed in Sydney in 2011/12.
In 2012, Callan filmed three feature films in three countries including The Great Gatsby. He has just wrapped the lead role in multi-award winning and Emmy Nominated director, Aron Gaudet's, Blue Potato, a coming of age story of two young French Canadians (slated for release 2013). Earlier in 2012 Callan, along with Anthony LaPaglia and Rachel Griffiths, flew to Melbourne to film Underground. Callan played the guest lead role of "Prime Suspect" - historically known as the best friend to Julian Assange as they hacked into the Pentagon at age 17.
For 2013, Callan has been selected by director Amy Redford to be the lead in her film The House That Jack Built. The story - based on historic events - focuses on a young sports star and is set in a mid-west mining town in America.
Callan was named "actor to watch" in Australian film industry magazines Inside Film and Encore in both 2011 and 2012. 
He is represented by CAA and Alchemy Entertainment in the USA and RGM in Australia.

And this just in...

2013 LOGIES NOMINATIONS SPECIAL - MOST POPULAR ACTOR - Callan McAuliffe (Underground: The Julian Assange Story)
Yes it is indeed that time of the year again.
The TV Week Logie Awards is the annual event of the year that celebrates and embraces the diversity of the Australian television industry, and before you know it, the 2013 Logies will be here!
We’ll be featuring a mixture of nomination categories on the site each day for the next few weeks.
So if you want your fave Aussie stars to be nominated, now is the time to get voting!
To nominate Callan for a 2013 TV Week Logie, head to:

Corbin Bleu appeared on first episode in the CBS new series of Blue Bloods on 28th Sept.
Corbin Bleu slated to appear in upcoming Horror movie.
Corbin Bleu will guest star on an episode of Blue Bloods this fall.
The actor - who got his big break on High School Musical, and who has also appeared on Broadway's In the Heights and The Good Wife - will get involved with the New York City Police Department in October.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bleu will portray a cop who accidentally shoots and kills an innocent man, resulting in major emotional distress. Look for his Officer Blake to interact with Tom Selleck's Frank Reagan.
Blue Bloods Season 3 premieres on September 28.

Recipe of The Month

Welcome to the Fiscal Cliff Soup Kitchen... cheap and healthy eats before all the holiday madness.

Vegan Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms (chopped)
Onion (chopped)
Barley (cooked)
Vegetable stock

Thyme, salt, pepper, sage

Method: - click the image for the video how to.


Crusty French bread, a nice Edna Valley, CA Sauvignon Blanc or a hearty LaZarre Central Coast Pinot Noir.

Angie's One Liners

You can't stay young forever, but you can be immature for the rest of your life.

As you get older, your secrets are safe with your friends, because they can't remember them either.

I'd be unstoppable, if I could just get started.

The quickest way to get a child's attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

There's always something to be thankful for - right now I'm sitting here thinking how great it is that wrinkles don't hurt.

Featured Artist - Steven Skyler

Steven Skyler

Steven Skyler stars in "Power Rangers Samurai" on Nickelodeon as The Gold Ranger, Wesley.

Steven Skyler is an actor and model who has done both print and commercial work. At 14 years old, he was chosen as one of the top three PREAW Male Model Search in Bangkok. His passion for music led him to sign a five-year contract with Grammys Entertainment Company, Ltd. as the lead vocalist of a four-member group named Ozone. Their self-titled album was a certified hit with sales of 250,000 CD units.
2000 until 2003, he toured and performed with the group across Asia. Before his contract with Grammys expired, Steven decided to go solo, shifting from R&B/Pop to writing songs for the rock/dance genre.

You are listening to "The Secret"

Geist Star Child