March, 2017
McCartney Multimedia Newsletter Volume 31
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Happy Spring everyone!

Well this year has already seen a tremendous amount of business activity and we're happy to share some of the events with you!

Let's get started.

Rugby Sevens, Las Vegas 2017

Las Vegas | March 3-5

We had a great time watching the Rugby 7's event at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, with over 80,000 people in attendance. We enjoyed the show, where most of the Rugby playing nations were represented. The great thing about the 7's is that it's "short attention span theater." The games are 15 minutes each; two halves at 7 minutes and 1 minute break in between.

So, if you missed a game, not to worry, the next one is right around the corner. From Pacific Islanders like Samoa and Fiji, to Australia and New Zealand, to the European countries, even South Africa made the trek, and of course Canada and the U.S., this is what makes this tournament so colorful and fan friendly. Graciously hosted by Bill Tatham (Founder & Chairman, Grand Prix Rugby and RFL League), we enjoyed Sam Boyd Stadium tower seating, great company, food and drinks. This sport is definitely on the rise in the US, and we consider ourselves lucky to be part of something new and fresh in the world of sports.

Rugby is not a threat to the great sport of American football", but RFL Chairman William Tatham warned, "NFL owners might worry they lose out on the opportunity to own their NFL major market's franchise in America's first exclusively sanctioned professional rugby league, the Grand Prix Rugby Football League (RFL)". (From CNN)The rise of rugby in America took another step forward this month as Las Vegas welcomed record crowds to its international tournament for the seventh year in a row. But, aside from the 80,000-plus fans attending across the three days, there was another significant barometer of the game's hopes of cracking the lucrative US sports market. While 32 men's and women's sides took part in the main sevens events at the Sam Boyd Stadium, some 3,000 players and 260 teams competed at nearby venues in North America's largest rugby competition.
For more information about the Founding Franchise opportunities in the RFL, please check out:


For her upcoming documentary “Here's a Story” featuring strong and powerful women who make an impact on society, we filmed at The Watts Coffee House interviewing Sweet Alice Harris, re-living the Watts Riots of the 60's and what changed in the community.
(Martin Nethercutt, Director)

Dr. Angie McCartney: “Mid March saw us meeting with some wonderful people at The Watts Coffee House in Los Angeles. Sgt. Jack Richter of LAPD set the wheels in motion, and it was coordinated by Hannah Levian of Coro Southern California. I had prepared a script of 9 questions to put to Sweet Alice Harris, Executive Director of “Parents of Watts.” After the first question – script be damned! I abandoned it when I saw that Sweet Alice was on a roll. Her tales of her experiences were incredible.

She is a much honored lady who lived through the Watts riots, and formed her non profit organization, which is thriving today, providing shelter, food, clothing, educational opportunities, mentoring, and a million other benefits to the people of Watts. Her Thanksgiving and Christmas parties are legendary, when she doles out turkeys to families, toys and even 400 bicycles to children in the community. She was ably assisted by her daughter Linda Harris-Forster and granddaughter Jonetta Woods, and we could have shot an entire movie around Sweet Alice alone. Donations can be made via the website:

We were also honored to interview Executive Director Rhoen Moore and Miss Fannie Upshaw of "His Sheltering Arms" - 2 more incredible women moving mountains with faith and persistence. Their shelters get women back to work, rehabilitate them and their children out of tough times on to smooth sailing on the high road. All these women are to be applauded in this, Women's History Month, and as our forthcoming documentary Here's A Story will show, there's nothing like the power of a Momma!

Learn more and donate to: His Sheltering Arms

Read Angie's entire article here...

Introducing: Sensu Music

A new music platform for the music industry. Showcasing at SXSW this year Sensu Music is poised to bring a new vision to the music industry. The online and mobile platform is designed to help artists and managers as well as bookers and club owners to conduct business more efficiently and effectively. Sensu Music is a data-driven program that facilitates the business of music to create a community that collaboratively drives the discovery, development, and management of the modern-day artist.
McCartney Multimedia together with David Pfeiffer (Creative Director, Sensu Music) developed a video brand experience which aired at SXSW in Austin, TX March 2017

Check out the website!

Mrs. McCartney's Teas meets

We are happy to announce that Mrs. McCartney's Teas has entered in a partnership with to boost sales! After having had success with our tea brand and its line of flavours, we are now ready for the "big time" is an online distribution company where one size literally fits all. Stay tuned...
(pictured: Martin, Angie and Paul Shrater)

For all of our existing customers nothing changes, you can still order our fab flavours from our trusted website.


Browse videos in a whole new way!
Comprindeo allows users to "JumpTo™" certain keywords in a video, and it displays concept clouds according to your search. At McCartney Multimedia, we're very excited to help bring this revolutionary new software product to market. Imagine sitting through a 3-hour power point presentation, and later on, in the YouTube video, you just want to re-visit a certain topic and don't remember where the presenter talked about it. Now you can cut to the chase! Just click on the word cloud or SEARCH a word or phrase the presenter has uttered, and the technology will auto fast forward the video or immediately  "JumpTo™" the desired spot in the video, without you having to suffer through the entire presentation.
Live Demo coming soon, stay tuned!

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Japanese "Great Connections" Nihon TV

The crew from the Japanese TV Show "Great Connections", filmed Ruth and Angie recently for a segment to air in Japan on March, 27th, 2017.
To chat about Mrs. McCartney's Teas and Wines, The Beatles connection and many other fun subjects!
Stay tuned, if you're in Japan! Special thanks to Yoko Narita and Hans Spurkel of the Hollywood Foreign Press for making the connection.

Swannies (how we love ya, how we love ya)
And now for a shameless ad!
We normally don't endorse products, but this time we're making an exception.

"Before my Swannies blue-blockers sunglasses experience, I used to only sleep in 3 hour snatches. After the first week, my sleep pattern changed to 6 and then 7 hours at a stretch."
(Dr. Angie McCartney)

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Paul McCartney: "Flowers In The Dirt"

Paul McCartney Archive Collection
In stores: 24th MARCH 2017

The long awaited 10th release in the multiple-Grammy Award-winning Paul McCartney Archive Collection has been confirmed: On March 24, 2017, Paul’s 1989 international #1 album, Flowers In The Dirt, will be the latest classic solo work from one of the world’s most revered catalogues to get the special treatment across a multi-format reissue released by MPL/Capitol/UMe. The Paul McCartney Archive Collection release of Flowers In The Dirt was, as always, personally supervised by Paul himself.


Mrs. McCartney's Wines

Visit from the Winemakers (Lazarre Wines)

A surprise visit from the Lazarre family! Adam and Angie Lazarre are award-winning wine-makers from the Central Coast Region of California, and have produced some of our favourite beverages. They had a chance to taste our Mrs. McCartney's Wines and as a professional wine judge, and sommelier, Adam found them - and we quote - "ridiculously clean, true to the fruit, top drawer and not too sweet". Blackbird Blackberry was his favourite drop and we are considering planning an event this summer in Paso Robles, CA so stay tuned!

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Upcoming Show!

Together with the Liverpool Legends, Louise Harrison, Ruth and Angie will be on stage talking Beatles History while the Liverpool Legends play their show at the Arcada Theatre in St Charles, near Chicago.

April 28th, 2017 8:00 PM

Beatles Legacy With Liverpool Legends, Louise Harrison, Angie McCartney & Ruth McCartney One of the top Beatles' tributes in the country!

And, to add to the ultimate Beatles' experience, George Harrison's sister and Paul McCartney's step-mother and step-sister will join in to talk about family stories and share rare photos and video footage ...

If you're in the area, get your tickets here...

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